Where’s Wally: Days 2 and 3

Lars-the-guru: FIELD DIARY

Friday 13/07/2012

I briefly checked Ginger Student’s movements on Thursday morning and was happy to see that she’d only travelled between home and the institute since tagging, aside from a (foraging?) trip to Balgove Larder, her favourite farm shop. Good student. I was appeased enough to leave her be and take advantage of the (relatively) dry and (semi) sunny conditions to go Mackerel fishing.

Well, all hell has broken loose since yesterday afternoon – Girl in Gumboots has bust apart my neat hypothesis of “weekend at home” and has travelled an enormous distance in the last 24 hours. Although I haven’t yet had an opportunity to analyse the data in any meaningful way, using Google Earth as my visualisation tool, it appears that she is currently transmitting from the south-east of England.

Tracks from the past 24 hours

As far as I can tell, around midday yesterday, my normally predictable student travelled from St. Andrews to Edinburgh, then headed out of Scotland entirely. She looped almost beyond the southern extent of England before reorientating north towards Heathrow. All within an afternoon!

If she was in London to forage, she clearly didn’t find productive feeding grounds because she’d moved north-east by this morning. But now her tag appears to be transmitting from a town called Norwich? Of all places!

Tracking the ever-confounding Girl in Gumboots

I can’t possibly predict what she’s up to without examining the data properly, but there’s no point in starting the analysis until she’s back on Monday. All I can say for certain is that this free-ranging Ginger Student did not fall in line with my hypothesis, and her movements have extended well beyond anything I had anticipated.

Note to self:

    Because Argos satellites use doppler shift for locations, the tags aren’t able to relay exact coordinates. However, it looks very much like Girl in Gumboots spent Thursday night in an area called ‘Soho”.

    We pay her too well.


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