Tags, Magical Tags!

Because I don’t have the most prolific social life, I don’t have to handle new people very often. When I do, however, it almost always ends badly.

It’s one thing explaining that I do research in the Southern Ocean. It’s another thing entirely describing how I tag giant seals… with ‘lasers’ that measure little green cells… which then talk to satellites. I’m wondering if keeping a tag in my handbag will make my story sound less crazy. Except that they sort of look like bombs.

FCTD-SDRLs (or fluorescence conductivity temperature and depth satellite relayed data loggers for the uninitiated)

Maybe I should just stop socialising.

Seriously though, I highly recommend watching this video for an excellent synopsis of what we weird scientists get up to with elephant seals in the Southern Ocean! Thanks to Dr. Lars Boehme, my (long-suffering) supervisor, for sending it through to me.


3 thoughts on “Tags, Magical Tags!

    1. We stick the instruments on with epoxy and they fall off when the seals moult. If we’re lucky, the biologists on the island find the tags and bring them back to us.

      I don’t think they really notice the tags. I have a funny story about fur seals and flash cameras which I’ll tell you over a beer šŸ™‚

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