These Boots are made for Walking

Girl in Gumboots is officially on the road! “Bye bye” beloved Cape Town and “hey there” Scotland!

I can talk about my research until I have you in a catatonic state, but I’m not terribly good at sharing details about my own life. Needless to say, I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be posting fabulous facts about physics, phytoplankton and foraging patterns until next week.

Because I have loved Cape Town with my whole heart, I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced many wonderful things while living there. Instead of telling you about them, I thought I’d take this opportunity to SHOW you:

Otter Trail awesomeness
Routine weekend - Long Beach in Kommetjie
The remains of simply sublime crayfish on the braai
Oh, the wine!
Drink ALL the Shiraz!
Dusk from the top of Table Mountain
Another beautiful morning from Table Mountain
Beloved Cape Town
Beloved friends

I’m giving up a lot to undertake my Ph.D… But this is the thing about research. It supersedes the desire to nest, go hiking and drink all the wine!

At some stage during my Masters degree, the comfort zone and the niche became internal features. In order to solve this Conundrum of Weight Gain (and, in the process, hopefully improve the satellite algorithms currently used to measure ocean colour – but more about that next week), I will move mountains. Or, more appropriately, hemispheres.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “These Boots are made for Walking

  1. Fulfill your dream, Cape Town will wait for you. With all the very best wishes and vasbyt –
    you love what you do and will do it well. Then come to Grahamstown and give us a talk on your work and experiences.

    Love Monika and Brian Gaybba

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